Writing 2LK—Academic Writing Linked to PS1

Instructor: James H. Donelan

M, W 1:00-2:50 in GIRV 2120; Section 5, Course No. 45062

Office Hours: Monday 9:00-10:00, Tuesday 2:00-3:00

Girvetz 1310

Email: donelan@humanitas.ucsb.edu

Texts: Ruszkiewicz, Hairston, and Seward, SF Writer
Texts for PS1
The book is at the UCSB Bookstore.

Course Description: The course will explore the fundamental forms and styles of academic writing in essays related to the content of PS 1. In addition, students will improve their reading and critical thinking skills through class discussion and exercises.

Requirements: The course requires regular attendance, active participation in class and timely completion of all assignments, including all writing exercises, reading journals, peer reports, and preliminary drafts as well as the final draft of each assignment.

In addition, please do your best to observe the following rules:

How to Read the Syllabus

The homework and reading assignments on the syllabus describe what is due by the time you arrive in class. For instance, the syllabus for February 8 reads:

Reading: SF Writer, "The Writing Process"
Homework: 250 word (1 page) summary and analysis of Aristotle’s argument in Books I and II.
In-class: Small group discussion: argument and writing processes

This means that by the morning of October 6, you should have completed the reading and written assignment. The "In-class" section is a brief description of that day’s activities.


I: Introduction: Writing and Critical Reading—Virtue vs. Violence

Introduction and Logistics
Reading: Aristotle, Book I
In-class: Strategies for critical reading; summary

Reading: SF Writer, "The Writing Process," Sections 1-3
Homework: 250 word (1 page) summary of one of Aristotle’s arguments in Books I and II
In-class: Small group discussion: argument and writing processes
Reading: SF Writer, "The Writing Process," Sections 1-3, continued
Homework: 250-word analysis of an argument in Book X of Aristotle
In-class: Workshop: writing persuasively; group discussion: planning an essay

Reading: SF Writer, Chapter 10, Sentences
Homework: Prospectus for first essay  Suggested Topics
In-class: Editing for sentence structure: partner exercise; First in-class writing
Library Visit
*First PS1 essay due!

Reading: SF Writer, Chapters 17 and 18; Writing with Sources 1-3
Homework: Working bibliography for short essay
In-class: Incorporating sources

II: Competing Ideas—Absolute Authority vs. Limited Government

Reading: SF Writer, Chapter 19, Other Punctuation
Homework: Outline of first essay
In-class: Group discussion of thesis statements; sentence variety exercise

Homework: Draft of first essay
In-class: Peer editing for sentence structure; sentence combining exercise

First Essay Due

Reading: SF Writer, "The Writing Process," Chapters 4-6
Homework: Paragraph downshifting exercise
In-class: Making comparisons—identifying issues; peer editing of paragraphs
*PS1 Midterm!

Reading: SF Writer, "The Writing Process," Chapters 4-6, continued
Homework: Outline of Declaration, opening sentences
In-class: Claim and evidence exercise

Reading: SF Writer, Chapters 7-8
Homework: Prospectus of second essay due  Suggested Topics
In-class: Group discussion: looking for evidence; reading notes

Reading: SF Writer, Chapter 9
Homework: Outline of second essay due
In-class: Second In-class Essay

III: Developing a Position—Equality vs. Liberty
Reading: Re-read Rousseau’s first essay
Homework: First draft of second essay due
In-class: Peer editing of transitions

Homework: Second draft of second essay due
In-class: Editing vs. proofreading: peer review


Reading: SF Writer, "Research and Writing"
Homework: 250-word short essay, "DeTocqueville’s Thesis"
In-class: Class debate: defending your position

Reading: SF Writer, "Research and Writing," continued
Homework: New Due Date! Second Essay Due
In-class: Embedding exercise; plagiarism exercise

Reading: Writing with Sources, review
Homework: Prospectus of third essay due  Suggested Topics
In-class: Third In-class Essay

Homework: Outline of essay due
In-class: Workshop on structure

IV: Voice and Identity—Universalism vs. Difference

Homework: Rough draft of essay due
In-class: Editing for style; small group discussion of audience
*Second PS1 essay due!

Homework: Second draft of essay due; peer reports
In-class: Group reading; thesis statement clinic

Final Essay Due

PS1 Final, 8:00AM-11:00AM

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