Writing 2LK—Academic Writing Linked to Environmental Studies 1

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Instructor: James H. Donelan

Monday, Wednesday, 1:00-2:50 Enroll Code: 52589
Mondays: Girvetz 2108
Wednesdays: Miramar Lab, Phelps 1526
Email: donelan@writing.ucsb.edu
Web Site: http://www.writing.ucsb.edu/faculty/donelan
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Office: 1523 South Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00-10:00, Wednesday 9:00-10:00 or by appointment.

Texts: All books are available in the UCen Book Store.
Carson, Silent Spring (Spring)
Frazier, Great Plains (Plains)
Wordsworth and Coleridge, Lyrical Ballads (Ballads)
If you do not already own a basic writing handbook such as Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference, you must purchase one. Handbooks are available at the UCen Bookstore; choose one you like.

Computer Program:

ConnectWeb (purchase online for $20)
Program site: http://connectweb.com/ucsb.asp This section is Writing 2LK, 6.

Course Description:
A writing course focusing on developing analytical skills, synthesizing multiple sources, sustaining coherent arguments, and revising for clarity of style. Reading and writing assignments are drawn from topics addressed in Environmental Studies 1. Students must be concurrently enrolled in ES1.

Drop Deadline: The drop deadline for Writing 2LK is Friday, September 26 at 4:45PM. Do NOT assume that you have been dropped from the course because you have failed to attend class.

Requirements: The course requires regular attendance, active participation in class discussion and activities, and timely completion of all assignments, including preliminary writing exercises as well as formal, graded essays. You will write short essays in science, social science, and the humanities, and two in-class timed writings. Your course grade is determined as follows:

    1. First essay (science, 3 pages)—15%
    2. Second essay (social science, 5 pages)—20%
    3. Third essay (humanities, 5 pages)—20%
    4. Two In-class essays—15% each— total of 30%
    5. Participation and completion of other homework assignments—15%

In addition:


I: Environmental Science: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

Introduction and Logistics

Class meets in the lab today.

Reading: Spring, Introduction and Chapters 1-3
Homework: Brief (two long paragraphs) statement of goals for Writing 2LK. Have the assignment available in class as either a Microsoft Word or html file.
In-class: Introduction to ConnectWeb; online discussion of goals.

Reading: Spring, Chapters 4-7
Homework: Method and Argument in Silent Spring.
In-class: Discussion of analysis; science and rhetoric.

Class meets in the lab today.
Reading: Spring, Chapters 8-12
Homework: Outline of Science Essay
In-class: Formal structure in scientific writing; on-line discussion

Yom Kippur—class attendance not mandatory.
Reading: Spring, Chapters 9-13
Homework: Draft of science essay, at least half-complete.
In-class: Film, Silent Spring

Class meets in the lab today.
Reading: Spring, Chapters 14-17
Homework: Full draft of science essay.
In-class: Peer review of science essay.

10/10 Final draft of science essay due by noon. 

II: Environmental Social Science: Ian Frazier’s Great Plains

Class meets in Davidson Library.

Class meets in the lab today.
Reading: Plains, Chapters 1-4
Homework: Preliminary bibliography.
In-class: First in-class timed essay. Online discussion of social science and journalism.

Reading: Plains, Chapters 5-8
Homework: Prospectus for social science essay.
In-class: Group discussion of topic development.

Class meets in the lab today.
Reading: Plains, Chapters 9-11
Homework: Outline and tentative thesis statement.
In-class: Thesis statement development.

Homework: Half of rough draft.
In-class: The writing process.

Class meets in the lab today.
Homework: Full draft of social science essay.
In-class: Peer review

Homework: Final draft of social science essay due.
In-class: Discussion of social science and the environment.

III: Environmental Literary Criticism: Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads

Class meets in the lab today.
Readings: "Introduction" 1, "Ancyent Marinere" 23, Ballads
Homework: A Defense of Poetry
In-class: Group discussion of defenses.

Veterans Day Observed! No class!

Class meets in the lab today.
Readings: "Yew Tree" 45, "Nightingale" 47, "Thorn" 73, Ballads
Homework: Prospectus of humanities essay.
In-class: Group discussion of prospectuses and poetry.

Readings: "Idiot Boy" 88, "Tables Turned" 104, "Tintern Abbey" 110, Ballads
Homework: Outline and thesis statement.
In-class: Humanities writing, editing, and revising

Class meets in the lab today.
Reading: Rousseau, Excerpt from Discourse on Inequality 137, Ballads
Homework: First three paragraphs of humanities essay.
In-class: Second in-class timed essay. Group discussion of introductions.

Group Meetings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Homework: Full draft of humanities essay.
In-class: Discussion: the environment and the humanities.

Class meets in lab today.
Final class.

Final draft of humanities essay due.

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