Comp/Rhet Conference Presentations—Some Interesting Links


General Advice:


Mark D. Hill’s “Oral Presentation Advice” and David Patterson’s “How to Give a Bad Talk”

Brief and funny advice from a computer scientist at the University of Wisconsin.


Nancy J. Karlin’s “Creating an Effective Conference Presentation”

A psychologist at the University of Northern Colorado gives her advice.


Sharon Downes’s “The Art of Giving a Good Conference Talk”

Bullet points from a research at the University of Sydney


Conference Links:


The National Council of Teachers of English’s Conference Page

Links to the CCCC (“Four C’s) Convention, the NCTE Convention, and many others.


The MLA’s Call for Papers

You must be a member to log in, and most deadlines are in early March.


UCWrite’s Professional Resources Page

Links to professional organizations and online journals in comp/rhet which list conferences, especially those related to computers and writing.


Computers and Writing 2004

This year’s site for the Computers and Writing Conference, attended by many WP faculty.


The WAC Clearinghouse’s Conferences and Events Page

Conference listings related to WAC issues, from a great web site sponsored by Colorado State University.