Writing 109SS: Writing for the Social Sciences
Fall 2011

Instructor: James Donelan
Office Location: 
3619 Girvetz Hall 
Office Hours
: Monday and Tuesday, 10:00-11:00 or by appointment.
Class Meetings: MW 8-9:15, Buchanan 1934   
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Swales, Academic Writing for Graduate Students. ISBN: 9780472088560 (“Academic”)
Silvia, How to Write a Lot. ISBN:
9781591477433 (“Silvia”)
Karen, The Sports and Society Reader. ISBN: 9780415772495 (“Sports”)
Texts are available in the UCen Bookstore. Copies of the course books will not be on reserve; please purchase them as soon as possible.

Course Description:
The course will allow students to refine their skills in scholarship and writing in the social sciences. Students will address the issues of evidence, interpretation, methodology, and critique in social science research as part of a longer project.

Course Outcomes:
Students who complete the course successfully should be able to:

The course requires regular attendance, active participation in class discussion and activities, and timely completion of all assignments, including a rhetorical analysis, a bibliographical essay, and a longer research project.


I:         Focusing on Advanced Academic Writing: Rhetorical Analysis

9/26     Introduction: Writing as a Sport

9/28     Reading: Academic, Unit One; Silvia, first half.
            Writing: My writing goals
            In-Class: Achieving your goals

10/3     Reading: Sport, 1.2; Silvia, second half
            Writing: My other writing assignments
            In-Class: Academic style; scheduling; outlining

10/5     Reading: Sport, 1.2 and 1.5
            Writing: Outline and introductory paragraph of rhetorical analysis
            In-Class: From outline to draft

10/10   Reading: Academic, Unit Two; Sport 2.1-2.6
            Writing: Full draft of rhetorical analysis due in class.
            In-Class: Working with drafts.

10/12   Reading: Academic, Unit Three
            Writing: Revised final draft of rhetorical analysis due.
            In-Class: Brainstorming a project and beginning research

II:        Social Science Research: Defining Field and Methodology

10/17   Reading: Academic, Unit Four
            Writing: List of five sources
            In-class: Evaluating source quality

10/19   Reading: Academic, Unit Five
List of five more sources
The shape of the field

10/24   Reading: Academic, Unit Seven
First paragraph of bibliographical essay
            In-Class: Comparison and Discussion
10/26   Writing: Draft of bibliographical essay           
Finding your place in the field

III:      Research Projects: Planning and Process

10/31   Reading: Sport, 3.1-3.7
            Writing: Notes
            In-Class: From notes to outlines

11/2     Reading: Academic, Unit Eight
            Writing: Outline sketch
            In-Class: Milestone Check 1

11/7     Reading: Sport, 4.1-4.7
            Writing: Progress Report 1; Outline
            In-Class: Structural Critique

IV:      Drafting and Editing

11/9     Reading: Sport, 6.1-6.5
            Writing: First page of draft
            In-Class: Well-begun is half done.

11/14   Writing: Progress Report 2; Half of rough draft.
            In-Class: Milestone Check 2
11/16   Writing: Rough draft
            In-Class: Revision, Part I: Filling in the Holes

11/21   Writing: Revised rough draft
            In-Class: Revision, Part II: Patching and Polishing

11/23   Writing: Final draft due
            In-Class: Lessons Learned

IV: Revisions

11/28    Workshop and Conclusions

11/30    Revision Due