Writing 50: Writing and the Research Process

Work and the Twenty-First Century

Instructor: James Donelan

TR 3-4:50, Girvetz 2119

Section 9

Enroll Code: 45831

Office Hours: Monday, 1-2PM; Tuesday, 2-3PM

Lab Meetings: The class will meet in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525, on all Thursdays from 3:00 to 3:50.

Texts: Writing Essentials and ConnectWeb (available at the UCen Bookstore)

Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs, ed. Bowe, Bowe, and Streeter

Course Description: The course will explore writing and research methods in relation to the subject of work, allowing for approaches from a variety of disciplines and viewpoints. Students will research and write a series of exercises and a research paper concerning an aspect of this topic. In addition, students will use networked computers to conduct research, to exchange ideas, and to compose assignments.

Requirements: An interview proposal, an interview report, a résumé, a cover letter, and a bibliography, brief electronic discussion exercises, and an oral presentation, all leading to a 10-12 page paper. Please observe the following rules:


Please note: Complete descriptions of all writing assignments are available on ConnectWeb. All assignments after October 3 should be posted on ConnectWeb.


I: Personal Perspectives: The Work Interview

Handout: Excerpt from Gig: Rose Collins, Executive Recruiter, 10-15.
In-class exercise: Writing sample on personal experience with work.

Reading: Tracy Jensen, Sales Rep., 138-147.
Homework: 250-word description of a career track.
In-class assignment: Group discussion of interview subjects.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.

Reading: William K., High School Teacher, 484-489; WE, Chapters 16-17.
Homework: Interview proposal draft.
In-class: Group feedback. Practice interview exercise.

Reading: WE, Chapters 18-20.
Homework: Revised proposal.
In-class: Preliminary interview work.

Final version of Interview Proposal due by 5:00PM.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.

Reading: Kate G., College Professor, 490-495; WE, Chapters 26-28.
Homework: Interview questions due.
In-class: Conducting and editing an interview.

Reading: WE, Chapters 29-31.
Homework: Interview draft/notes.
In-class: Revising an interview.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.

Reading: William Rosario, UPS Driver, 5-9; John Hart, Securities Lawyer, 505-510.
Homework: Interview rough draft.
In-class: Interview peer review.

10/18 Interview Final Draft Due by 5:00PM

II: Career Opportunities: Applications and Resumes

Homework: Cover letter and resumé draft.
In-class: Group review of applicants.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.
Jonathan Brown, Psychiatric Rehab. Therapist, 643-647. WE , Chapters 1-3
Homework: Cover letter and resumé revision; final project topic.
In-class: Peer review of applications; developing a research plan.

III: Career Research

Library visit. Bring a notebook and pen!

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.
Readings: James R., Basketball Coach, 389-398; WE, Chapters 6-8.
Homework: Working bibliography.
In-class: Finding what you need; outlining.

Reading: WE, Chapters 9-10.
Homework: Revised working bibliography.
In-class: Discussion of topics and research.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.
Reading: WE, Chapter 11.
Homework: Formal prospectus.
In-class: Online discussion of projects; formation of work groups.

Reading: WE, Chapters 4-5.
Homework: Progress report.
In-class: Research and essay development.

IV: Analysis and Critique of the Working World

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.

Homework: Preliminary outline and working thesis.
In-class: From outline to draft—working methods.

Homework: Revised outline and working thesis.
In-class: Time management; discussion of progress.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525.
Homework: First page of rough draft.
In-class: Editing techniques.

Readings: Half of rough draft due.
In-class: Putting it all together.

11/28 Happy Thanksgiving!

Homework: Full rough draft due.
In-class: Oral Presentations.

Class meets in Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525. Final Class.

Final Project Due.